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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Doyo No Ushi No Hi

2015/08/18   -Food

Eel, eel, eel For from July 19 to August 7, the Japanese is crazy about an eel.It is an eel concerto …


2015/04/15   -Goods

Maki-e Maki-e is a traditional Japanese technique of decorating lacquerware by sprinkling gold dust …

Mr.Genmai’s bento

2015/03/30   -Comic

Junk food heaven Japan is a country of the gluttony.The convenience store is open in every place if …

Portable chopsticks

2015/02/27   -Goods

portable chopsticks In Japan, it is populär recently to put a stupid act photo using the equipment o …


2014/11/24   -Comic

Abenomics effect Japan was deflation for a long time.I was able to eat the beef bowl which was a sym …

Japanese food weekly vol30

2014/11/01   -News

USB lunch box It gradually becomes popular now in Japan.It is USB lunch Box.The conventional lunch b …

Genmai professor’s bento

2014/09/01   -Comic

Japanese food problem Japanese food problem is often taken up in news.For example, it is the problem …

Side dish case on bento

2014/07/25   -Goods

Independent side dish When I serve a lunch, it is hard to serve a juicy side dish.They(side dish) co …

Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage- recipe

2014/07/22   -Recipes

Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage- recipe When you opened the bento box you will grow happy.I …


2014/05/30   -Goods

Unidentified Mysterious object I am interested in UMA and UFO, OOPARTS.I am excited very much when I …

Bento of the Takasugis

2014/05/05   -Comic

High cost performance Japan has a long history of bento, and its development has been unparalleled i …

Magical chef’s girl Shizuru

2013/07/08   -Comic

Bento comics Hello, everybody.How are you?I’m fine.Do you know Bento, everybody?Bento is lunch …

100 days diet with WASHOKU 2

2013/05/20   -Diet

Washoku diet I recommend how to eat WASHOKU(Japanese food) for diet. Japanese food has a lot of low- …