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Matcha Ramen

2017/01/30   -Food

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks that forthcoming tourists from the foreign countries love Matcha.T …

Matcha au lait

2015/09/15   -Food

Green culture Is the Japanese ancestor a green man?That can’t be true.The holy green man is no …

31 Baskin Robbins Oreo Matcha

2015/04/28   -Food

Haagen Dazs or 31 Baskin Robbins I eat Haagen Dazs frequently.The reason is because Haagen Dazs is s …

Matcha sweets 1

2015/02/24   -Food

Green Japan How long would the Japanese come to like Matcha so much?Matcha product is sold even if I …

Matcha beer

2015/01/27   -Food

About Matcha Matcha is a kind of green tea.It is is made by grinding this tencha in a stone mill.It …

Japanese food weekly vol28

2014/10/18   -News

Matcho The muscle man is called “Macho” in Japan.The special product of Kyoto, Uji is Ma …

Tea bowl-Matcha bowl

2014/04/11   -Goods

What do we use it for? The tea ceremony is an important thing within Japanese culture.In a tea cerem …

Green Oreo

2014/04/01   -Food

Turtle Ninja cookie??? Oreo is yummy.I eat it frequently.I soak it into milk and I divide it into 2 …

Kellogg’s brown rice cereal matcha taste

2014/03/05   -Food

Love matcha It is a matcha boom recently in Japan.Matcha taste of candy and chocolate and the potato …