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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Nomijoshi(drinker woman)

2016/07/28   -News

Alcohol I have low alcohol tolerance.Can you drink alcohol?Beer, wine, whiskey, bourbon, cocktail, e …

Calpico and Beer cocktail

2016/05/12   -News

Calpico Calpico is not cow piss.It is Japanese soul drink.In Japan, it’s customary to give gif …

Sake lees drink

2016/01/19   -Food

Sake lees The sake lees(sakekasu) is the solid white substance that remains after pressing the main …

Matcha au lait

2015/09/15   -Food

Green culture Is the Japanese ancestor a green man?That can’t be true.The holy green man is no …

Japanese food weekly vol66

2015/08/01   -News

Shaun the Sheep cafe in Osaka, Minamisennba Anime is a culture that Japan boasts to the world.The Ja …

Bottle’s panties

2015/06/02   -Food

Men’s long is forever. I am a man.I love women.My long for her panties is forever.Probably I t …


2015/05/28   -Goods

Masu Masu is a measured quantity.Masu arrived in Japan via China.Sake and the rice are still used as …


2015/05/21   -Diet

Power rotation drink Summer in Japan is very humid.When it is hot, I like cold drinks.Cola, Sprite, …

Shochu diet

2015/04/02   -Diet

Cool Shochu Japanese white distilled liquor called ‘Shochu’.Shochu is a Japanese distill …

Soy milk with ginger ale

2015/03/17   -Food

Ginger ale I think ginger ale to be a mysterious drink.I do not know the drink which be famous for t …

Matcha beer

2015/01/27   -Food

About Matcha Matcha is a kind of green tea.It is is made by grinding this tencha in a stone mill.It …


2015/01/08   -Diet

Very very yummy Amasake is like Red bull.It is the energy drink of the Japanese food.It is a sweet a …


2015/01/01   -Diet

Japanese soul drink Calpis is not cow piss.Calpis may be called “Calpico” in your countr …

Japanese food weekly vol37

2014/12/20   -News

Arita ware’s Christmas tree Arita ware’s Christmas tree is displayed in a Japanese food …

Yakult to eat

2014/11/25   -Food

Yakult kid When I was young, my tension went up whenever I drink Calpco and Yakult.Because we was ab …

Canned Pudding shake

2014/11/12   -Food

Japanese loves puddings Japanese loves puddings very much.If you go to the Japanese convenience stor …

Healthya coffee

2014/09/05   -Diet

Japanese love coffee The Japanese coffee is strange.We drink cold coffee frequently in summer.It is …

Puca Pon Japanese magic juice

2014/07/17   -Food

Colorful juice When I was a child, a coloring agent was used for a part of the candy.It was colorful …

Black Oolong Tea

2014/06/12   -Diet

Are you careful of your health? Your life is only once.How do you want to spend your life ?I want to …

Japanese beer 『和膳』 -The beer go with Japanese food-

2014/06/10   -Food

Intangible Cultural Heritage Japanese food is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritag …

Mountain Dew Snack

2014/04/23   -Food

Rare drink Diversified vending machines are installed everywhere in cities of Japan.We can buy most …

Japanese energy drink SAMURIDE

2014/04/07   -Food

Sushi Tempra Samurai Japan is a country of the samurais.Sushi and the tempura of the Japanese food a …