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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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2017/10/25   -Food

Innovative noodles The Japanese is noodles race.If we do not have noodles, we will probably die.Howe …

Wakame Max Yakisoba

2016/11/10   -Food

It is Chinese food. Yakisoba is Chinese food.”Yakisoba” is “Chow mein” which …

Carbonara toast recipe

2016/03/28   -Food

Carbonara human Japanese loves Carbonara.They is Carbonara human.Recipe site “cookpad” o …

Carbonara by instant noodles

2016/02/17   -Food

Dress up instant noodles Instant noodles remain at my hand.It is good to eat in normal, but I of Jap …

Italian instant noodles recipe

2016/02/16   -Food

Japanese people loves Italy. There are many Italian restaurants in Japan.Stimulate my appetite when …

Japanese food weekly vol71

2016/02/06   -News

Starbucks Sakura series I often waste time in coffee shops.The cafe which I go frequently serves a b …

Chocolate sauce Yakisoba

2016/02/01   -Food

Feb 14 in Japan Whatever the origin is, Valentine’s Day has had a long and romantic history.Th …


2016/01/30   -Food
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Kobe food In Japan, it is reported that Kobe beef is high in popularity now in the world.If reports …

Squid ink cup yakisoba U.F.O

2015/10/14   -Food

Summer food You must eat this if you spend summer in Japan.You went for sea bathing and would experi …

Carbonara recipes by Nissin Chikin Ramen

2015/07/28   -Food

Carbonara That pasta ranks No. 1 in Japan.It is Carbonara.Japanese woman especially likes carbonara. …

Shirataki and salted cod roe recipe

2015/05/20   -Recipes

Shirataki and salted cod roe recipe Do you knoe Shirataki?Shirataki is noodles made from konjac.It i …

Somen chanpuru recipe

2015/05/13   -Recipes

Somen chanpuru recipe I want to go to Okinawa right away.The food of Okinawa is yummy.Okinawa is a l …

Pizza flavor noodles

2015/04/14   -Food

The noodles are the human. It is a famous proverb in Japan.”The noodles are the human”.I …

Nissin Cup Noodle King Karaage

2015/04/07   -Food

Familiar food to Japanese people Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Curry rice, Ramen, Karaage.They are a ver …

Udon with beef recipe

2015/03/18   -Recipes

Udon with beef recipe The ranking of the udon which Japanese like is No.1 kitsune udon, No.2 curry u …

Nisshin Tom Yum Cup Noodle

2015/03/10   -Food

Love for Nissin Cup Noodle Tom yum noodle is popular secretly now in Japan.Nisshin Tom Yum Noodle re …


2015/03/05   -Diet

Somen is cool lunch. Speaking of summer lunch, it is somen.I boil it and eat with soup stock soy sau …

Ankake Spaghetti recipe

2015/01/21   -Recipes

Ankake Spaghetti recipe Ankake Spaghetti…That explanation is very difficult.Ankake is sauce.An …

Yamakake soba recipe

2014/12/03   -Recipes

Yamakake soba recipe The Japanese is dirty from old days.I think that the cause is because we eat a …

Nissin Massaman curry noodle

2014/12/02   -Food

Love curry Japanese loves curry.I eat curry once a week.”Curry is a drink.”.It is a Japa …

Carbonara with Pucchin Purin

2014/11/07   -Food

Pucchin Purin Pucchin Purin is a pudding selling most in the world.The total sale number is 5,100 mi …

Japanese Champon recipe

2014/10/22   -Recipes

Japanese Champon Ramen is the food which is popular in the world.There is the noodles food which is …

Sobamon -Japanese noodles man-

2014/10/20   -Comic

Not Ramen, Yes, Soba Speaking of Japanese noodles, it is Ramen.However, the noodles handed down to J …

Neapolitan burger

2014/09/13   -Food

Neapolitan Italian food culture fused with Japan food culture to establish a unique cuisine.It is Sp …

Oroshi soba noodle recipe

2014/08/28   -Recipes

Oroshi soba noodle recipe The dish is preferably served during summer.It is Oroshi soba noodle.Summe …