privacy policy

Japan food style(JFS) understands any information that identifies thcustomer to whom such information pertainse is important.JFS, therefore, has established the following privacy policy for its handing and protection of personal information.

1. Introduction

JFS takes our responsibility regarding the protection of personal information very seriously and we will keep information that the customers inform us securely and confidentially with respect to our standard privacy of information protection to prevent damage or unauthorized access to the customers.

2. Personal Information Usage

JFS cannot use the personal information that they acquired without an agreement of the visitor person himself across the range of the use purpose

  • Guidance in the business about the service
  • Sending of the documents about the shipment of the document and the handling service
  • The support about the service and after-sale service
  • Answer to question
  • Quality of Service improvement, improvement

3. Disclosure of personal information

JFS do not offer personal data to the third party without an agreement of the person himself except the following cases.

  • When it is based on laws and ordinances
  • When it is necessary to offer personal information to the subcontractor in our duties accomplishment as far as it is necessary In addition, in that case, I demand the appropriate handling of the personal information that I offered and do appropriate management for duties trust point.
  • When it is necessary for protection of human life, a body or the property, and it is difficult to take the agreement of the visitor

4. Security

JFS take enough security measures such as the maintenance such as handling official regulations about the safety management and the maintenance of the enforcement system for safety management of the personal data to handle. I take necessary and appropriate measures I shave it, and to secure accuracy, currentness together, and correction suitable immediately takes measures by any chance when problems occur.