Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Convenience stores lady

2017/07/15   -Comic

Convenience Stores in Japan There are lots of convenience stores near my house.7 eleven, Lawson,Fami …

Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

2017/04/06   -Comic

The cooking is a weapon. My face is ugly, My lower stomach sticks out, My feet smell like natto.Stil …

Gohoubi gohan(treat myself meal)

2016/08/14   -Comic

go to city Where were you born?I was born in Osaka.Osaka is the second largest city of Japan.Osaka i …

Jittan no recipes(time shortening recipes)

2016/06/22   -Comic

Are you busy? I like a moderate busyness.But I always have free time.Modern people are too busy.Have …

Bokyaku no Sachiko(Sachiko sinking into self-oblivion.)

2016/05/24   -Comic

Eat, eat, eat I cannot drink very much alcohol.I do not smoke.Eating is a stress reliever to me.Eat, …

Sachi no Otera Gohan(Sachi’s Temple meal)

2016/05/09   -Comic

Shojin ryori Shojin ryori were indispensible food for monks, and taking meals was emphasized as part …

Donburi Iincho(Japanese bowl chairman)

2016/04/19   -Comic

Popular Japanese food This Japanese food has been loved for many years by the common people.It is Do …

Darkness Patissier

2015/12/11   -News

Dark Heroes Devilman is one of my dark heroes.Devilman is a popular Japanese animation.He has a devi …

Meccha Can

2015/05/11   -Comic

Awakening I did not awake until I came across this comic.However, I read this comic, and I have awok …

Ousama no Mimi wa Okono Mimi

2015/04/20   -Comic

Okonomiyaki I am from Osaka.My favorite food is udon, ramen, okonomiyaki.When I was young, I ate oko …

Oishii Ginza -Delicious Ginza-

2015/04/13   -Comic

The food section of the department store I hate air travel.Therefore I had few chance to travel abro …

Little forest

2015/03/09   -Comic

The days of plenty in Japan We can buy anything if we go to the convenience store in Japan.In the lu …

Super Kuishinbou

2015/02/23   -Comic

The power comic I like eating.In particular, I eat a lot from morning at the beginning of a week.Bre …

Halcyon lunch

2015/02/16   -Comic

Gourmet comics Heaven The history of Japanese gourmet comics is old.”Totsugeki Ramen” wh …

Dungeon cuisine -Dungeon meshi-

2015/01/26   -Comic

Nintendo Advanced Video System Nintendo Advanced Video System was sold in 1985.We can play in a hous …

Yes-man meal -Iinari Gohan-

2015/01/05   -Comic

Japan restaurant guide book There are various restaurant guide books in Japan.BRUTUS, Pia, Michelin, …

Miss Mogusa

2014/12/22   -Comic

Maslow’s theory Maslow’s theory states that physiological needs is the most fundamental …

Pungent housekeeper

2014/11/10   -Comic

My frustrations Recently, there are many gloomy news in Japan.Hanyu collides, and a woman entertaine …

Japanese food weekly vol 6

2014/05/17   -News

Difficulty in securing people. There is a lack of workers in Japanese food service industry.Because …

Japanese food weekly vol3

2014/04/26   -News

Oishinbo More than 31 years, they hated each other.They will be reconciled with each other at last.T …

Happy mealtime -Ouchi de gohan-

2014/02/10   -Comic

Japanese home cooked dish I recommend this manga if you want to know the Japanese home-cooked meal.M …

Taberu-dake -only eat-

2013/10/28   -Comic

She only eats. This manga describe only the act that a chief character eats.A chief character is a w …

Natsuko no sake

2013/10/07   -Comic
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Beautiful Natsuko This is the manga that dealt with the social problem that did on the stage of liqu …

Kuitan-gluttonous detective –

2013/09/30   -Comic

Is he a private detective ? Kuitan is Japanese manga and a slightly strange story.It is a story that …


2013/09/24   -Comic

Cool lady It is this manga that are good to know the Japanese tradition.A long established inn is th …