Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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BQ cooking!

2015/09/29   -Comic

B class food There is not A class food, is not C class food, too.There is only B class food.Why is i …

Retort pouches revolution

2015/09/16   -Comic

Retort pouches Asian likes retort pouches.In Japan, retort pouches are one of the important food, an …

Totsugeki Ramen

2015/07/22   -Comic

Origin of gourmet comics This comic is the origin of gourmet comics in Japan.Various gourmet comics …

Lost love chocolatier

2015/07/13   -Comic

Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a Christian festival day, but is commercialized too m …

Gokudo no Shokutaku -Yakuza’s meal-

2015/06/22   -Comic

The yakuza Yakuza is scary.I lived in old days near the office of the greatest yakuza in Japan.It wa …

Touhan -Fight meal-

2015/06/15   -Comic

Rakugo Rakugo can be best described as Japanese sit-down comedy of comic story telling. Just as ther …

Bakumeshi -Gamble dish-

2015/05/18   -Comic

Black Hawk Down I saw Black Hawk Down yesterday.It is one of my favorite movie.I see it many times.T …

Asameshi mae

2015/05/04   -Comic

The best breakfast in Japan “Bills” that be the most delicious breakfast in the world is …

Japanese food weekly vol51

2015/04/04   -News

God of Ramen death Do you know Tsukemen?Tsukemen is kinds of the ramen.It is Dipping Noodle.I go to …

Comics Award 2015

2015/03/28   -Comic

Comics Award 2015 Winners Announced in Japan. 1st Kakukaku Shikajika It is the story that a woman co …

Hocho-nin Ajihei

2015/03/23   -Comic

The first gourmet comics It seems to be gourmet comics published for the first time in Japan.It is c …

Iron Wok Jan

2015/03/16   -Comic

Iron Wok Jan I read this comic at the age of a undergraduate for the first time.I was shocked very m …

Macanai-kun -Waiter man-

2015/03/02   -Comic

Life that surrounded by women Surrounded by women, I live.The men has such a dream everybody.However …

Kenca Ramen -Ramen Fight-

2015/02/02   -Comic

Ramen is Japanese food. “My dream is to have a Ramen shop in the future.”Youths who have …

Mr. Oto -Oto-yan-

2015/01/19   -Comic

I love sushi. I went to a moving sushi place yesterday.I enjoyed a moving sushi.I love a moving sush …

Silver spoon

2014/10/27   -Comic

Family ties Our child was born several years ago.I think that want to live long whenever I watch the …

Shoku no Gunshi -Meal’s strategist-

2014/10/13   -Comic

what you eat. Meal is important.When our life assumes it 70 years old, we will have a meal of approx …

Nobushi no Goumet (Wandering samurai life)

2014/09/16   -Comic

Wandering samurai I have not met Wandering samurai.Sure thing.The samurai does not live in Japan now …

Mail order Prince Yoshimi Iida

2014/08/25   -Comic

Mail order In Japan, there were few people who did shopping by a mail order in old days.The product …

Food hunter Souraiden

2014/08/11   -Comic

Adventure and food I like adventure movies.Indiana Jones series, The Goonies, Lara Croft: Tomb Raide …

Splendid dining table

2014/06/16   -Comic

World’s first It is world’s first brilliant feat.Such manga may be less likely to be pub …

Gokudo meshi(Meal of gangster)

2014/06/09   -Comic

The gangster food The gangster is a gourmet.Because executives of the gangland always eat delicious …

Kodoku no Gourmet

2014/06/02   -Comic

Plebeian Michelin Guide ‘Kodoku no Gourmet’ is a meaning called ‘Lone gourmet&#821 …

Glutton !

2014/05/19   -Comic

Competitive eater It was prevalent to compete for gluttony in Japan since 2001.As for it, a TV progr …

Sota’s kitchen knife -Study cooking diary in Tokyo/Ginza-

2014/05/12   -Comic

This is manga !!! Cooking has the power to change our lives.The words are manga to match.”Sota …