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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Carbonara toast recipe

2016/03/28   -Food

Carbonara human Japanese loves Carbonara.They is Carbonara human.Recipe site “cookpad” o …

Enjoy! Ramen shop

2015/11/17   -Food

Mr. Koike Do you know Mr. Koike?He is the symbol of Ramen in Japan.The Japanese loving ramen knows h …

Japanese food weekly vol65

2015/07/18   -News

Hoshizora cafe Hoshizora is a starry sky.I want to see the clean starlit sky.However, I cannot see i …

Puchi Poli Natto

2015/07/07   -Food

Japanese national food Speaking of a Japanese national food, it is Natto.Natto is a Japanese food pr …

Kameda Crisps with sugar

2015/06/24   -Food

No 1 snacks in the world I can live as long as I have this.So, it is Kameda Crisps.I love Kameda Cri …

Kameda crisps and Cream cheese Pincho recipe

2015/05/19   -Food

My best favorite snack I love Kameda crisps.Plane, hot, cheese, a pickled plum, wasabi.Even if I eat …

Cheese Okaki

2015/04/21   -Food

Okaki, Arare, Senbei Okaki, Arare, Senbei.I do not understand these three differences.They are rice …


2015/04/03   -Food

Traditional performing arts Do you know Kabuki?Kabuki is one of the traditional performing arts of J …

Small fish boiled in soy sauce recipe

2015/01/14   -Recipes

Small fish boiled in soy sauce recipe The Japanese live on rice.We eat something with rice.Therefore …

Pringles rice

2014/10/31   -Recipes

Pringles The takikomi gohan is one of the Japanese foods.The takikomi gohan is rice dish cooked with …

Japanese food weekly vol14

2014/07/12   -News

Michelin Guide to Fukuoka,Saga On Jul. 10, the 2014 edition of the Michelin Guide to Fukuoka, Saga w …

Japanese food weekly vol12

2014/06/28   -News

Square watermelon The shipment of the square watermelon began from Kagawa.The square watermelon is p …

Japanese food restaurant info17

2014/06/26   -News

Tachibana It is Japanese snacks.The first time I ate that was when I was a primary school student.It …

OH ! MY KONBU(seaweed)

2014/06/23   -Comic

apanese snacks It is said that the kind of the Japanese snacks is rich.A colorful snacks is exhibite …


2014/06/05   -Diet

Gain weight I has an unconquerable love for eat snacks.Potato chip, Popcorn, Corn snack, etc.I can&# …

Japanese food weekly vol 8

2014/05/31   -News

Techno Udon The udon of the Japanese food cooperates with music of the origin in U.S.The name is &#8 …

French cruller at Mos Burger

2014/05/28   -Food

French cruller has become crazy. They was born in the U,S and grow up in Japan.They are Mister Donut …

Japanese food weekly vol 7

2014/05/24   -News

Alice on Wednesday On May 23, I strayed into the labyrinth in Osaka.Strangely, it was the time when …

Japanese Snack bowl

2014/05/16   -Goods

Symbol of the abundance Did you ever see “Less Than Zero”?It is a movie released in 1987 …

Miyako Konbu -KELP-

2014/05/15   -Diet

Afternoon snack I have quitted smoking on a diet.I felt the need to put something in my mouth.I felt …

Kit Kat roasted green tea flavor

2014/04/29   -Food

Roasted green tea Hojicha (Roasted green tea) is a type of Japanese green tea, generally referring t …

Mountain Dew Snack

2014/04/23   -Food

Rare drink Diversified vending machines are installed everywhere in cities of Japan.We can buy most …

Takoyaki pan(Fried octopus dough balls pan)

2014/04/05   -Goods

Takoyaki I am from Osaka.Osaka is the home of the takoyaki.Snack was always takoyaki in a childhood. …

Gelidium jelly

2014/03/29   -Diet

Jelly noodle When I diet, I eat this well.I am satisfied that it is worth eating.It is Gelidium jell …

Kaki no tane

2014/02/26   -Diet

New style diet It is Kakki no tane diet.There is such a dieting method in Japan.Kaki no tane is spic …