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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Nametake rice

2016/07/16   -Food

Mushroom grower!? Have you be a mushroom grower?I have not be a mushroom grower.I did not have the t …

Donburi Iincho(Japanese bowl chairman)

2016/04/19   -Comic

Popular Japanese food This Japanese food has been loved for many years by the common people.It is Do …

Japanese milk risotto recipe

2016/04/06   -Food

Matsuko Matsuko is TV character who is popular in Japan.The TV program which she appears is very int …


2016/03/08   -Food

The ethnic group which eats rice The Japanese live mainly on rice.In the morning, in the lunch, in t …


2016/01/30   -Food
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Kobe food In Japan, it is reported that Kobe beef is high in popularity now in the world.If reports …

Sushi chazuke recipe

2015/06/18   -News

leftover sushi Did you enjoy the party yesterday?What did you eat at the party?Chicken? Hors d&#8217 …

Japanese paella recipe

2015/06/11   -Recipes

Japanese paella recipe I have not eaten paella.The reason is because it is 10,000km distant to Spain …

Gohan no otomo -Rice’s friends-

2015/05/25   -Comic

I love rice. I love rice.So, t is a lump of carbohydrates, tasteless.I do not understand it, but att …

Natto curry

2015/03/24   -Food

Shameless jerk Curry is food symbolizing India.It had long been treated as Western food in Japan bec …

Onigiri diet

2015/03/19   -Diet

What is Onigiri? Onigiri (rice ball) is a food, which flavored cooked rice, put fillings, and collec …

Seasoned tuna bowl recipe

2015/02/18   -Recipes

Seasoned tuna bowl recipe In Japan, a tuna is a high-quality fish.If we go to the high-quality Japan …

Rice with raw egg

2014/12/31   -Food

The greatest feast Rice with raw egg is a rice food prepared by mixing a raw hen’s egg and ric …

Rice cooked oyster and ginger recipe

2014/12/23   -Recipes

Rice cooked oyster and ginger recipe We can eat an oyster dish when we go to the Japanese restaurant …

Pringles rice

2014/10/31   -Recipes

Pringles The takikomi gohan is one of the Japanese foods.The takikomi gohan is rice dish cooked with …

Rice’s friend “Gohandesuyo”

2014/10/21   -Food

Seaweed culture Japan is seaweed culture.There is a company of seaweed founded in 1690 in Japan.The …

Rice cooked with mushrooms recipe

2014/09/23   -Recipes

Rice cooked with mushrooms recipe It is fall in Japan now.There is the word “autumn of the app …

Rice cooker

2014/08/22   -Goods

Japanese rice cooker robot It is evident that one it per household is almost.It is Rice cooker.The c …

Soboro don recipe

2014/07/29   -Recipes

Soboro don recipe When I opened a bento, it was Soboro don.When I looked at it, I became more energe …

Japanese food weekly vol11

2014/06/21   -News

Customer satisfaction The customer satisfaction ranking of the Japanese convenience store was announ …

Squid Rice recipe

2014/06/18   -Recipes

Squid Rice recipe Squid Rice recipe is a dish made by boiling squid stuffed with rice. It is called …

Japanese food restaurant info15

2014/06/12   -News

Katsudon Yoshibei I line up by all means if I go to this restaurant.It is a very popular restaurant. …

Oyako don(chicken and egg on rice) recipe

2014/05/29   -Recipes

Oyako don(chicken and egg on rice) recipe Chicken is egg on rice is called Oyako don in Japan.The na …

Rice seasoning

2014/04/25   -Diet

Diet food ??? What do you eat for diet?Do you eat nothing?No, you are doing more than is good for yo …

Sushi cake recipe

2014/04/03   -Recipes

Japanese food Sushi cake recipe Sushi cake is a kind of sushi.Japanese name is Chirashizushi.It is o …

Brown rice

2014/01/10   -Diet

Brown rice is raging in Japan !? The Japanese has the case which changes the staple food to the brow …