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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Chinese steamed Buns in Japan

2015/12/08   -Food

It’s winter here in Japan. It’s winter here in Japan. So it’s very cold.When it is …

Japanese food weekly vol60

2015/06/06   -News

Hattendo cafe Have you eaten a cream bun of this shop?I ate a cream bun and was shocked.What delicio …

Mongolia Tan-men burger

2015/05/26   -Food

killer Khan In my childhood, a wrestler called killer Khan played an active part.He looked brutal wi …

Roast chicken bun for Christmas in Japan

2014/12/24   -Food

Lazy Japanese I think that a Japanese is lazy.In particular, they are lazy about eating.Natto, the p …

Oraf bun

2014/12/16   -Food

Do you want to build a snowman? Be very sorrowful.Do you want to build a snowman?Though She want to …

Melon bun

2014/12/09   -Food

Melon, melon, melon When Japanese apologize, they presents a melon.When Japanese visit somebody in t …

Japanese food weekly vol32

2014/11/15   -News

red mango Store specializing in frozen yogurt “red mango” being the topic in the United …

The Black Hamburger from Japan’s Burger King

2014/09/30   -Food

COMME des GARÇONS I grew up in a fashion boom of the 80s.Various apparel brands gained power in the …

Neapolitan burger

2014/09/13   -Food

Neapolitan Italian food culture fused with Japan food culture to establish a unique cuisine.It is Sp …

Doraemo bun

2014/08/20   -Food

Doraemon I was jealous to Doraemon.Exactly, I was jealous to Nobita.Everything comes true for Doraem …

Japanese food restaurant info19

2014/07/08   -News

Roushouki I hear that Japan and China do not get along with each other.That is a lie.If you come her …

Miku Hatsune bun

2014/02/25   -Food

Great Lord of mercy ! A Japanese top idol became the steamed bun and appeared.The name is Miku Hatsu …

Curry buns

2014/02/18   -Food
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The bread situation in Japan Japanese likes bread.The main diet in Japan is rice, but Japanese eats …

KISS steamed bun

2013/10/15   -Food

I love “KISS”. Circle K Thanks of the Japanese convenience store chain sells the steamed …

Tower burger

2013/10/01   -Food

Super Cheese day Super Tuesday is Super Cheese day in Japan.It is the campaign that a Japanese burge …