Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Japanese food weekly vol46

2015/02/21   -News

Shake Shack Shake Shack is hitting Japan in 2016.Now, Japanese is at a loss.Which hamburger shop sho …

Food hunter Souraiden

2014/08/11   -Comic

Adventure and food I like adventure movies.Indiana Jones series, The Goonies, Lara Croft: Tomb Raide …

Bandit diary-Manga Hunter struggle-

2014/01/07   -Comic

Japanese Hunter story I did not know Gibier dish.I knew it only after I read this manga.Gibier is Fr …

Strange foods Hunter

2013/12/23   -Comic

Japanese strange food There is much strange food in the world.There is much strange food in Japan,to …

Nature Dimon

2013/12/16   -Comic

Do you know ostrich club ? It is the manga which the man who loved meat and an insect drew.The man h …