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Japanese food weekly vol68

2015/09/05   -News

Edo meal festival Edo meal festival is being held in Tokyo, Tokyo station.It is the festival that re …

31 Baskin Robbins Oreo Matcha

2015/04/28   -Food

Haagen Dazs or 31 Baskin Robbins I eat Haagen Dazs frequently.The reason is because Haagen Dazs is s …

Turkish ice cream

2015/01/22   -Food

Turkey I have never been to Turkey so I want to try to go once.Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Sarayi, …

Japanese food weekly vol35

2014/12/06   -News

$41 Ramen High class Japanese food restaurant in Tokyo, Akasaka sells high-quality ramen.As for the …

Japanese food weekly vol34

2014/11/29   -News

BbyB. Store specializing in chocolate “Bbyb.” which originated in Belgium opens for the …

Green sweets -Yukimi Daifuku Matcha-

2014/11/18   -Food

green, green, green I thought that the Japanese color theme was red.Probably I watch a Japanese nati …

Happy Turn ice cream

2014/10/08   -Food

Okashi I love Japanese sweets. More attractive sweets than those of other countries’. Abundant …

Yaki imo ice cream

2014/09/03   -Food

Yaki imo Yaki imo is a food called baked sweet potato.When it is winter in Japan, they come over to …

Japanese food weekly vol17

2014/08/04   -News

Shaved ice with whisky Shaved ice is a sweet often eaten in Japan in summer.This time, shaved ice fo …

Japanese food weekly vol15

2014/07/19   -News

Harry Potter Harry Potter Area opened in USJ of Japan, Osaka.They built a splendid system.Even if it …

Japanese food weekly vol13

2014/07/05   -News

My melody Women is a young girl forever.Women likes this character.It is ‘My melody’.Bot …

The ice shaving machine

2014/06/13   -Goods

Traditional Japanese sweets Most Japanese common people were poor in old days.But they lived a good …

Japanese food weekly vol 7

2014/05/24   -News

Alice on Wednesday On May 23, I strayed into the labyrinth in Osaka.Strangely, it was the time when …

Haagen Dazs Spoon Vege

2014/05/13   -Food

Vegetable Ice cream It is important to take in vegetables.The child does not readily eat vegetables …

Haagen-Dazs Japonais

2014/01/23   -Food

Haagen Dazs is refined. Haagen Dazs is a high quality ice cream brand sold in the world.In Japan too …

Soy sauce on ice cream

2013/11/14   -Food

Oh,soy sauce on ice cream Do you know soy sauce.Japanese soy-sauce has a long history.Soy-sauce is e …

Stew flavored ice-cream

2013/10/30   -Food

Stew = Ice cream I introduced Corn potage-flavored ice-cream in May. The second was released.It is t …

Haagen-Dazs green matcha truffle

2013/07/19   -Food
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Brilliant green Matcha is Japanese traditional green tea.New green tea leave are pounded into powder …

Corn potage-flavored ice-cream

2013/05/29   -Food

What’s this? Because this ice-cream was popular in Japan, production couldn’t keep up wi …