about us

Our mission

・Our mission is to have many people know the taste of Japanese foods.

・Our mission is to have you eat Japanese foods deliciously at home.

・Our mission is to have you become a nice body with Japanese foods.

A chef quotes
”Japanese foods dish is the world only dish to constitute around ”Umami”.We hope that we have you eat Japanese foods around this “Umami” deliciously at home.

Corporate Overview

name Mofa,Inc.
representative kawai Hiroyuki
founded Sep.1,2006
Head Office Location 3F ABiZ, 2-6-68, Showatori
Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0881, Japan
Japan food style Service Launched Mar.1,2013

Office Locations

Manager Profile

Kawai Hiroyuki

sumo-2_2225122 Kawai Hiroyuki is a founder of Mofa,Inc.Mr.Kawai has a passion for cake.

Therefore Mr.Kawai eat every day.

Besides,Mr.Kawai does not exercise.

As a result, Mr.Kawai became like a photograph.


Mr.Kawai diets with Japanese food!