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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Hokusai to Meshi sae areba(If there are Hokusai and meal, it is all right.)

2016/10/03   -Comic

Outdoor type or Indoor type In Japan, a person liking playing outside is classified as “Outdoo …

Darkness Patissier

2015/12/11   -News

Dark Heroes Devilman is one of my dark heroes.Devilman is a popular Japanese animation.He has a devi …

Miraculous kitchen

2015/10/26   -Comic

Common language Japanese is unique words.Japanese is not understood in the world.I think that Englis …

Yumeiro Cooking

2015/10/19   -Comic

Girl’s comic I have an older sister.There were a lot of comics in the room of the older sister …

Chie the Brat – Jarinko Chie

2015/01/13   -Comic

Gourmet comic??? I am unable to make a decision.Do I put this comic in the team of gourmet comics?Th …

The girl’s meal

2014/10/06   -Comic

Incomprehensible The feeling of the woman cannot understand it.I will probably not be able to unders …

Gu・Ra・Me-Cook of the great prime minister

2014/04/09   -Comic

Prime Minister I think that everybody likes politics.Lack of a disgraceful affair and the trust of t …

Bitter and sweet

2014/03/31   -Comic

A vegetarian is unmissable This story is love and gourmets.It is a dish for vegetarians to come up i …

Taberu-dake -only eat-

2013/10/28   -Comic

She only eats. This manga describe only the act that a chief character eats.A chief character is a w …

Natsuko no sake

2013/10/07   -Comic
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Beautiful Natsuko This is the manga that dealt with the social problem that did on the stage of liqu …


2013/09/24   -Comic

Cool lady It is this manga that are good to know the Japanese tradition.A long established inn is th …

Magic cooking Chaos kitchen

2013/08/20   -Comic

It is Unique ! This is unique gourmet comics in Japan.It is the story of two girls confronting evil. …

Hana no Zubora-meshi

2013/07/29   -Comic

What is “Zubbora” ? It was difficult to convey this by English translation.Therefore I t …

Magical chef’s girl Shizuru

2013/07/08   -Comic

Bento comics Hello, everybody.How are you?I’m fine.Do you know Bento, everybody?Bento is lunch …