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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Chicken Teriyaki with honey sauce recipe

2015/06/23   -Recipes

Chicken Teriyaki with honey sauce recipe This recipe is a style of cooking by broiling with soy sauc …

Japanese food weekly vol61

2015/06/13   -News

Chocolate and banana The chocolate banana is the food which coated a banana with chocolate.It is sol …

Motsunabe recipe

2015/04/30   -Recipes

Motsunabe recipe Motsu is internal organs of cattle or swine.Nabe is cocking in a pot.Mostunabe is t …

Nikusui recipe

2015/03/31   -Recipes

Nikusui recipe Osaka is a sacred place of the laughter.And Osaka is a kitchen in Japan.You can eat e …

Japanese food weekly vol50

2015/03/21   -News

Macho cafe Japan is a macho boom.The famous comedian strengthens muscle in Japan and is like a Mexic …

Udon with beef recipe

2015/03/18   -Recipes

Udon with beef recipe The ranking of the udon which Japanese like is No.1 kitsune udon, No.2 curry u …

Stewed chicken lever with sugar and soy sauce recipe

2015/03/05   -Recipes

Stewed chicken lever with sugar and soy sauce recipe There is a lot of iron content in the chicken l …

Japanese food weekly vol47

2015/02/28   -News

Halal certificate Kobe beef The Kobe beef which gain the Halal certification is sold in Kobe.The Kob …

Dungeon cuisine -Dungeon meshi-

2015/01/26   -Comic

Nintendo Advanced Video System Nintendo Advanced Video System was sold in 1985.We can play in a hous …

Japanese food weekly vol42

2015/01/24   -News

Omurice festival April 15, 2015 – May 16, Omurice festival is held in the Tokyo Sky Tree.All t …

Sukiyaki (Chicken) recipe

2015/01/07   -Recipes

Sukiyaki (Chicken) recipe Sukiyaki is one of the typical hot pot dishes of Japan.Sukiyaki is Japanes …

Japanese food weekly vol36

2014/12/13   -News

Beef New Year dishes Osechi ryori is Special dishes prepared for the New Year.Our special dishes for …

Chicken drumette sweet and salty stew recipe

2014/11/19   -Recipes

Chicken drumette sweet and salty stew recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken which fried Chicken drumette is …

Tori-tem -Chicken Tempura- recipe

2014/10/09   -Recipes

Toriten -Chicken Tempura- recipe It is difficult to convey difference between Tori-tem and fried chi …

Tsukune (meatballs) recipe

2014/08/13   -Recipes

Tsukune (meatballs) recipes I go to Yakitori restaurant frequently.Yakitori is one of the Japanese f …

Japanese food restaurant info20

2014/07/12   -News

Moriya Shoten The term “Yoshoku” refers to western food served in Japan.Croquette is a w …

Japanese food restaurant info19

2014/07/08   -News

Roushouki I hear that Japan and China do not get along with each other.That is a lie.If you come her …

Japanese food restaurant info15

2014/06/12   -News

Katsudon Yoshibei I line up by all means if I go to this restaurant.It is a very popular restaurant. …

Yakitori recipe(chicken skewer)

2014/06/11   -Recipes

Yakitori recipe(chicken skewer) The Yakitori has been eaten for a long time in Japan.The recipes is …

Japanese food restaurant info 12

2014/06/03   -News

Teppan yaki WAKKOQU kobe beefsteak Kobe is famous for its good beef.I am sad if you come to Japan an …

Ginger pork recipe

2014/04/30   -Recipes

Japanese food Lightly roasted bonito recipe Ginger promotes an appetite.When you have a poor appetit …

Braised pork belly recipe

2014/02/19   -Recipes

Japanese food Braised pork belly recipe I cooked Braised pork belly.It takes time, but I can unexpec …

Beef boiled in sweetened soy sauce recipe

2014/01/15   -Recipes

Meat recipes Speaking of beef, it is slice meat in Japan.Slice meat are sold at the supermarket.The …

Pork and vegetable soup recipes -pork recipes-

2013/11/20   -Recipes
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Japanese food Pork and vegetable soup -pork recipes- This is pork recipes.I cooked Pork and vegetabl …

Shabu Shabu -beef recipes- recipe

2013/11/02   -Recipes

Japanese food Shabu Shabu -beef recipes- Shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish but there are numerous theor …