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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Funa sushi

2015/05/29   -Diet

Crucian carp Funa is crucian carp.I can play fishing it frequently in a neighboring pond.Fishing rod …

Temari Sushi recipe

2015/04/16   -Recipes

Temari Sushi recipe Temari is a small traditional Japanese handball.It is sushi in imitation of Tema …

Osumoji -Tsukasa no Ikkan-

2015/04/06   -Comic

Bad thought In Japan it is a male‐dominated society.It is generally believed that a sushi world is m …

Sushi delivery box

2015/03/20   -Goods

Hangiri for delivery When I was young, the sushi was a meal of the celebration.Therefore there were …

Setsubun (February 3)

2015/02/03   -Food

About Setsubun The setsubun means the division of seasons.Famous for Setsubun, February 2-4.On this …

Mr. Oto -Oto-yan-

2015/01/19   -Comic

I love sushi. I went to a moving sushi place yesterday.I enjoyed a moving sushi.I love a moving sush …

Japanese food weekly vol39

2015/01/04   -News

Happy new year!I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year. Gorilla coffee “ …

Kirara’s work -Tokyo style sushi chef-

2014/12/01   -Comic

Japanese food chefs The Japanese government has support the success of women in the workplace.Japan …

Condom cookbook which is popular in Japan

2014/09/25   -News

Condom? Cooking? It is Condom cookbook which is popular in Japan now.I think that it is very wonderf …

Kezuri Bushi -Rough Samurai-

2014/08/05   -Comic

Japanese food As I have said over and over again, Washoku, traditional Japanese food culture, was re …

Japanese food restaurant info14

2014/06/09   -News

Sushi Kazuya The sushi has become a high-quality meal all too soon.The sushi was a meal of the commo …

Japanese food weekly vol 9

2014/06/07   -News

Heavy metal recipes book The recipes book is a joint production of Heavy metal and cooking.A cooking …

That is superb

2014/05/26   -Comic

Tea ceremony ‘Kekko na Otemae Desu’is a meaning called ‘That is superb’.It i …

Art of delicious plastic food

2014/05/02   -Goods

This is Art. The history of Art of delicious plastic food style is not long.It is a beginning that i …

Shota no sushi

2013/07/22   -Comic

Sushi boy “Shota no sushi” is one of famous Japanese comics and serialized for the magaz …

Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi) recipe

2013/05/01   -Recipes

Japanese food Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi) recipe This is maki sushi to be able to very easily cook. …

Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi) recipe

2013/05/01   -Recipes

Japanese food Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi) recipe This is Japanese sushi to be able to easily coo …

Sushi pockets (inari-sushi) recipe

2013/04/18   -Recipes

Japanese food Sushi pockets (inari-sushi) recipes Inarizushi is a kind of sushi made of aburaage (de …

How to make vinegared rice

2013/03/14   -Recipes
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Japanese food How to make vinegared rice A vinegar meal is important to cook delicious sushi. How to …