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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Rakkyo(pickled scallion)

2016/08/24   -Food

sake and snacks When the Japanese drink sake, they eat the snacks.The snack is said to be “sak …

Sachi no Otera Gohan(Sachi’s Temple meal)

2016/05/09   -Comic

Shojin ryori Shojin ryori were indispensible food for monks, and taking meals was emphasized as part …


2015/06/19   -Diet

Tenacious Japanese Japanese is tenacious.We are destined that we become tenacious.Have you eaten kai …

Grilled eggplant recipe

2015/06/16   -Recipes

Grilled eggplant recipe Speaking of summer in Japan, it is Grilled eggplant.Grilled eggplant go with …


2015/05/15   -Diet

Good memory Have you play in the mud?I play in the mud at the age of a child.A mud dumpling, a mud c …

Lotus roots pickled in vinegar recipe

2015/04/24   -Recipes

lotus roots pickled in vinegar recipe Do you know the lotus root? And have you eaten a lotus root?I …

Tanita product 2

2015/03/12   -Diet

Tanita food Nobody Can Stop Tanita.Speaking of a hamburger, it is McDonald’s.Speaking of cola, …

Eggplant in bonito broth recipe

2015/02/25   -Recipes

Eggplant in bonito broth recipe Does Japanese food goes very well with wine?Yes, however, Japanese f …

Yuzu daikon recipe

2014/12/30   -Recipes

Yuzu daikon recipe Yuzu is Japanese citron.Yuzu daikon is pickled vegetables.Have you been to the Ja …

Grated Japanese radish

2014/12/26   -Diet

Diet food Japanese radish contains large amount of digestive enzymes such as amylase, protease and l …

Stewed black beans recipe

2014/12/11   -Recipes

Stewed black beans recipe The black beans is regarded as an amulet or a charm against bad luck.There …

Sweet potato which has been sweetened and boiled recipe

2014/11/14   -Recipes

Sweet potato which has been sweetened and boiled recipe The sweet potato which is eaten in the world …


2014/11/13   -Diet

Shojin ryori Tempura, sushi, sukiyaki are Japanese food.Shojin ryori is King of the Japanese food in …

Myoga -Japanese ginger-

2014/10/23   -Diet

Foolish legend “We become foolish if we eat Myoga(Japanese ginger).”It is a legend to co …

Water shield

2014/10/17   -Diet

High-quality food Do you know Water shield?It is called Junsai in Japan.Have you eaten it?I have eat …

Kimpira gobo recipe

2014/10/02   -Recipes

Kimpira gobo recipe Kimpira gobo is a Japanese food made of chopped burdock root cooked in soy sauce …

Corner store’s Oden diet

2014/09/26   -Diet

Convenience store The corner store is called a convenience store in Japan and is called ‘convi …


2014/09/18   -Diet

Diet Japanese food Nukaduke is Japanese Pickles.It is vegetables that have been pickled in salted ri …

Kenchin soup recipe

2014/09/15   -Recipes

Kenchin soup recipe It is Japanese traditional soup.Cook the tofu and vegetables with sesame oil and …

Yaki imo ice cream

2014/09/03   -Food

Yaki imo Yaki imo is a food called baked sweet potato.When it is winter in Japan, they come over to …

Cold Oden

2014/08/26   -Food

Mr. Japanese food Oden is one of the representative Japanese food.Beer and nuts, Irish whiskey and f …

Fish marinated in spicy sour sauce -Nanban Zuke- recipes

2014/08/19   -Recipes

Fish marinated in spicy sour sauce -Nanban Zuke- recipes It is a classic Japanese food recipes in su …

Vinegary salad of cucumber and wakame recipes

2014/08/07   -Recipes

Vinegary salad of cucumber and wakame recipes Do you eat wakame(seaweed)?I dislike wakame(seaweed).I …

Edamame Natto

2014/07/30   -Food

Marks & Spencer The British department store chain Marks & Spencer started selling edamame …

Japanese food restaurant info23

2014/07/25   -News

Shunsentei Nadakiku Kappatei The oden is one of the representative Japanese food.The oden in Himeji …