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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Orange rice ball recipe

2013/12/25   -Recipes

Japanese food Rice dish recipes Japanese loves rice balls.The rice ball is called Onigiri.They put v …

Cup noodles rice

2013/12/24   -Food

Viva !!! Cup noodle. Nissin Cup noodles which was released approximately 40 years ago.It is sold in …

Chicken cutlet on the rice recipe

2013/06/14   -Recipes

Japanese food Chicken cutlet on rice recipe Chicken cutlet on rice is where the pork cutlet is repla …

Omurice(rice omelette) recipe

2013/06/03   -Recipes

Japanese food Omurice(rice omelette) recipe This is an omurice rice recipe to easily make deliciousl …

Japanese curry rice recipe

2013/05/28   -Recipes

Japanese food Japanese curry rice recipe Not India curry, it is Japanese curry rice. This page intro …

Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi) recipe

2013/05/01   -Recipes

Japanese food Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi) recipe This is maki sushi to be able to very easily cook. …

Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi) recipe

2013/05/01   -Recipes

Japanese food Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi) recipe This is Japanese sushi to be able to easily coo …

Beef bowl (cook the Yoshinoya style) recipe

2013/04/30   -Recipes
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Japanese food Beef bowl (cook the Yoshinoya style) recipe The biggest gyudon provider, Yoshinoya D&# …

Sushi pockets (inari-sushi) recipe

2013/04/18   -Recipes

Japanese food Sushi pockets (inari-sushi) recipes Inarizushi is a kind of sushi made of aburaage (de …

How to make vinegared rice

2013/03/14   -Recipes
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Japanese food How to make vinegared rice A vinegar meal is important to cook delicious sushi. How to …

Festive Red Rice recipe

2013/03/12   -Recipes

Japanese food Festive Red Rice recipe The dish which is indispensable for Japanese festivals is Fest …

How to cook rice recipe

2013/03/01   -Recipes

Japanese food How to cook rice recipe Beihan made of rice is white, and it is also called ginshari ( …