HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay

HI-CHEW is authorization in Japanese food.

HI-CHEW is Chewy Japanese Candy.I ate HI-CHEW during the treatment of the tooth, and the filling of the tooth was removed.It was reported that HI-CHEW was popular with Major Leaguers.Oh my GOD!HI-CHEW is authorization in Japanese food.

This photo is HI-CHEW.

This photo is HI-CHEW.

Various taste

Various taste is sold to HI-CHEW in Japan.Green apple, grape, grapefruit, strawberry, banana, peach, etc.They are all yummy.I found rare taste in a supermarket.It is HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay.I dissolve this in white wine and eat.

This photo is HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay picture (2).

This photo is HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay picture (2).

This photo is HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay picture (3).

This photo is HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay picture (3).

HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay video

Puca Pon Japanese magic juice

Colorful juice

When I was a child, a coloring agent was used for a part of the candy.It was colorful and seemed to be very yummy.However, My mother was careful not to eat such a candy. technology is advancing together with the generation.The juice of a strange color was sold in Japan.
puca pon (3)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Japanese seems to be good at developing the candy,snack,juice for children.Krasie sells a lot of candy,snack,juice for children.The synthetic coloring agent is not used for them.For the child, Krasie is like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
puca pon (1)

Viva Japanese food

Actually, such a food has many bad cases.It is too sweet and may not be edible.However, how about Puca pon!?It is very yummy.I was impressed by the taste.Thanks,Krasie.If they become an adult when they eat such a delicious food from childhood, they must go to the three star restaurant every day.

Japanese food weekly vol4

Apple vending machine

A unique fruits vending machine has appeared at Japan.It is fresh apple.The busy businessman buys the apple as breakfast.I bought the apple, too and ate. It was fresh and was yummy.

Apr 28 2014

KiKi&LaLa cafe

Do you know KiKi&LaLa ?I don’t know it.I heard the story that the cafe in Shibuya opened the other day.That cafe had a line at any time.The name is KiKi&LaLa cafe.KiKi&LaLa is character of Sanrio.As for the character of Sanrio, a Kitty is famous.Young women rush.
refer to KiKi&LaLa cafe

Apr 29 2014

Mr. Galigali

Mr. Galigali released candy of new flavor again.It is Cream puff flavor,Ice coffe flavor.This is novel and unique.Unique how to eat using these candy is uploaded in a net now in Japan.
Mr. Galigali1
Mr. Galigali2
refer to Rocket News 24 Unique how to eat 1
refer to Rocket News 24 Unique how to eat 2

May 1 2014