Fried tofu(aburaage)

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Fried tofu-aburaage-(2 piece)

Fried tofu(aburaage) is a food consisting of sliced tofu (bean curd) fried in oil.The fried tofu(aburaage) is called a fox.This originates from the legend of foxes living in the forest of Shinoda, and abura-age, which is believed to be their favorite food.When I bake it and eat with soy sauce, it is delicious.


  • 1 block firm tofu,/li>
  • Flying oil,as need
  • tofu4


  1. Cut the tofu into 0.4 inch thin slices.
  2. tofu6new0

  3. Heat the flying oil to between 140 and 150 degrees,then fly quietly.
  4. tofu8

  5. When a rotation of the tofu yellowed, reverse it.
  6. tofu7

  7. When both sides became the light brown, it is the completion.
  8. tofu9

Please eat a fresh one with ginger soy sauce.

It is very delicious.It matches Japanese sake well.

Fried tofu is called Kitsune.Kitsune is Fox.Why???

As for the origin of the name, abura-age is believed to be their favorite food.