Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi)

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Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi)

How about trying some sushi at home ?I cooked Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi).You are able to very easily cook it.It is most suitable for a dish of the home party.OK, buy ingredients right now, and let’s go!
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  • 300g(1serving) vinegard rice(see “How to make vinegared rice” page.)⇒click here
  • Sushi ingredients sushi salmon,sashimi tuna,sushi squid
  • Wasabi, as needed
  • Soy sauce, as needed

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  1. Cut the salmon,tuna,squid into 1.2′ × 2.5′.Prepare also the wasabi and vinegared water (water and vinegar) for wetting the hands.
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  3. Dip your hands into vinegared water and take enough vinegared rice of one nigirizushi(abuot 20g)in your right hand.Roll the rice in your hand 4 to 5 times to shape it.
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  5. Take sushi ingredients in your left hand.Take some wasabi in your right finger and paste it on the sushi ingredients.
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  7. Put the vinegared rice on the sushi ingredients.Push it with your right hand thumb while being a support with your left hand fingers.
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  9. Turn it towards the tips of your fingers so that the sushi ingredients are on top,use your left thumb and middle finger to press the top and bottom ends of the vinegared rice./li>
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  10. Push sushi ingredients with your left index finger and middle finger while being a support with palm of your right hand. Firmly squeeze it into shape.
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  12. Use your left thumb and forefinger to press the top and bottom ends of vinegared rice again. Hold both sides of the sushi using your left thumb and forefinger and switch sides.Squeeze it the same way.Turn it over to its original position once again and gently squeeze it to finish.
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Master skills and turn your dining room into a sushi retaurant.