Cold miso soup in soy milk

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Cold miso soup in soy milk(2 serving)

The cold miso soup is rare with the Japanese food.I have not eaten cold miso soup just until recently.But I ate cold miso soup when I went to Miyazaki for a trip.Thereafter I am a captive of cold miso soup.Please cook it once.
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  • 150g~175g silken tofu
  • 1 Japanese ginger or 20g ginger
  • 5 leaves green perilla
  • 1 cucumber
  • 20g canned tuna(boil in water)
  • ★50cc dried-bonito soup stock
  • ★20g dried baby sardines
  • ★10g white sesame
  • ★200ml soy milk
  • ★2 tbsp(30g) miso
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    Cook wear

  • Mortar and Pestle
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  1. Cut the green perilla into thin julienne slices and soak in cold water,then drain.
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  3. Cut the Japanese ginger into thin julienne slices and soak in cold water,then drain.(Ginger is all right in substitution for Japanese ginger.
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  5. Cut the cucumber into small thin pieces.
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  7. Remove the bitter head and stomach of the dried sardines.
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  9. Parch only the dried sardines enough.Put the dried sardine in a mortar,grind it.
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  11. Parch the white sesame enough.Put the sesame in a mortar,grind it
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  13. Parch the miso for 1 minute.Put the miso and dried sardines(step5),white sesame(step6) in a dish bowl.
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  15. Add the soy milk and dried-bonito soup stock and stir the miso into the soup stock to dissolve it.
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  17. Crumble the tofu with your hands and Add the tofu,canned tuna,cucumber,green perilla,Japanese ginger(Ginger).
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If soup is tepid, it is not delicious.Please cool it by all means.Putting it is good in ice.