Grilled eggplant

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Grilled eggplant

If you ask me “What does go with sake?”, I answer in this way “It is Japanese food, and Grilled eggplant.”.It is said that the eggplant has low nutritive value.However, the special texture and taste attract a Japanese.
Greilled eggplants (3)



  • 2 eggplants
  • Grated Japanese radish, as needed
  • Grated ginger, as neeeded
  • Shaved dried bonito, as needed
  • Soy sauce, ad needed

Greilled eggplants (15)


  1. Make a shallow cut aroud the stems and pierce in several places with bamboo skewers.
  2. Greilled eggplants (11)new0

  3. Heat a pan and cook the eggplants side by side over medium heat.While rolling the eggpalnts until blackened all around.
  4. Greilled eggplants (7)new1

  5. Place the eggplants in cold water and peel.
  6. Greilled eggplants (4)new2

  7. Drain well and place in a plate.Garnish with Grated Japanese radish, Grated ginger, Shaved dried bonito and top with soy sauce.
  8. Greilled eggplants (1)

The smell of eggplants makes me hungry.