Yuzu daikon

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Yuzu daikon

Japanese likes Yuzu.Yuzu is Japanese citron.The Yuzu(Japanese citron) is a winter pronoun.They float Yuzu(Japanese citron) on the bath.It is called “Yuzu-yu”.This time, I introduce the recipe using the Yuzu(Japanese citron) and Japanese radish.It is traditional Japanese food.
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  • 1 yuzu(Japanese citron)
  • 1/2 Japanese radish
  • 3 tbsp(45 ml) vinegar
  • 50 g sugar
  • 1 tbsp(15 ml) salt
  • Device that is used for cutting shaped form

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  1. Peel the Japanese radish and cut out a shape.Cut Japanese radish left over.
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  3. Place the Japanese radish in a bowl and sprinkle with salt and mix.Set aside for short while.
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  5. Squeeze Yuzu(Japanese citron).
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  7. Slice Yuzu(Japanese citron) peel into thin.
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  9. Put the sugar, vinegar into the pot.Stirring occasionally, cook low heat until sugar melts.When sugar melts, add the Yuzu(Japanese citron) juice.
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  11. Squeeze the Japanese radish out water.Place the Japanese radish, Yuzu(Japanese citron) peel into food storage container and mix.Add the vinegar and sugar juice and mix.
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  13. Set for one day.
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