Noodle recipes

Udon(3 serving)

This is Udon recipe page.I make udon. It can make very easily. If you eaten delicious Japanese noodles at a house, please refer to this udon recipe page. Udon noodles count among traditional noodles eaten in Japan from ancient times.
udon (33)


  • 150g enriched flour
  • 150g flour
  • 15g salt
  • 130cc water
  • powder,as needed
  • rolling pin
  • udon (88)new0


  1. Put the water into a measuring cup and add salt,mix it.
  2. udon (101)new1

  3. Put the enriched flour and flour into a bowl and mixes with cooking chopsticks, adding salt water little by little.
  4. udon (94)new2

  5. It puts into a cooking bag in this state. Appearance tatters.Let it mature for 15 minutes.
  6. udon (92)

  7. Step on Udon dough from a cooking bag.
  8. udon (85)new3

  9. Let it mature for 1 hour.
  10. udon (77)

  11. Sprinkle plentiful powder on a stand and a rolling pin.Put Udon dough on a stand.
  12. udon (47)

  13. lengthen Udon dough until it becomes thickness around 0.1 inch.Sometime sprinkle the powder on Udon dough.
  14. udon (44)new4

  15. Udon dough is folded up and fold the edge of right and left in the center.
  16. udon (37)new5

  17. Cut the udon dough to 3 inch.
  18. udon (34)new6

  19. Bring a pot full of water to a boil,then quickly slip in the udon,while stir-ring robustly with chopstick.It boils for 15 minutes.
  20. udon (26)

  21. Drain the boiling water,rinse by hand in running water and place on a strainer to drain the water.
  22. udon (14)new7

When you eat, please blanch it again.It takes 3 minutes to boil udon.