Noodle recipes -Japanese food-

Somen chanpuru

Noodle recipes Somen chanpuru Okinawa is original Japanese foods culture.Soki soba, Shima tofu, Awamori, Umi b […]

Udon with beef

Noodle recipes Udon with beef(1 serving) As for Udon with beef, the history as the Japanese food is short, but […]

Ankake Spaghetti

Noodle recipes Ankake Spaghetti(1 serving) Nagoya lies half-way between Tokyo and Osaka.Nagoya is the first ma […]

Yamakake soba

Noodle recipes Yamakake soba(1 serving) Yamakake is a grated yam.We put it on soba and eat.The yam is rich in […]

Japanese Champon

Noodle recipes Japanese Champon(1 serving) The dish full of vegetables.It is healthy.It is Champon.Champon is […]

Oroshi soba noodle

Noodle recipes Oroshi soba noodle(2 serving) Soba is a type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. […]

Avocado and Natto spaghetti

Noodle recipes Avocado and the natto spaghetti(2 serving) Early this morning, I watched a soccer match between […]

Miso ramen

Noodle recipes Miso ramen(1 serving) Have you been to Hokkaido?Hokkaido is a rich repository of delicious Japa […]

Japanese style spaghetti

Noodle recipes Japanese style spaghetti(1 serving) I cooked Japanese style spaghetti.The point is to use the J […]

Spaghetti Neapolitan -spaghetti recipe-

Noodle recipes Spaghetti Neapolitan This is spaghetti recipe.I cooked Spaghetti Neapolitan.his ketchup-flavour […]


Noodle recipes Yakisoba(1 serving) This page is yakisoba recipe.I was able to cook it very deliciously.Yakisob […]

Kitsune udon

Noodle recipes Kitsune udon(1 serving) This is a dish of cooked noodles in Japan called ‘kitsune-udon […]


Noodle recipes Udon(3 serving) This is Udon recipe page.I make udon. It can make very easily. If you eaten del […]

Soy sauce & tonkotsu ramen

Noodle recipes Soy sauce & tonkotsu ramen I heard that Ramen has been popular in the United States and Eu […]

Pasta with cod roe

Noodle recipes Pasta with cod roe(2 serving) I cooked cod roe pasta.Do you not like a cod roe?The cod roe past […]