Tendon Tenya in Tokyo,Haneda Airport

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One of the yummy foods eaten in Japan is Tendon.
“Tendon Tenya” is located in Terminal 1 of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.
A tempura restaurant that is familiar to Japanese people.

I was so busy that day that I didn’t even have time to have lunch.
I was exhausted and finally able to eat at the airport.
So I went to “Tendon Tenya”.
It is Yummy.

I can’t believe the tempura bowl I always eat is so delicious! ?
I screamed in my heart, “Oh Tendon!!!”
Maybe it’s just good for humans to be hungry.

Tendon Tenya Haneda Airport Terminal 1 store
Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Building Marketplace B1F, 3-3-2 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo

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