Yakitori MOMOFUTA in Kobe Sannomiya

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Yakitori has been eaten in Japan since the 1400s.
At that time, cooking methods using sauce had not been established, and it is thought that salt was used for cooking.
In the 1700s, a cooking method using sauce was established, and it is said that the original form of yakitori as we know it today was created.

MOMOFUTA’s yakitori is grilled slowly over charcoal, making it fragrant and juicy.
It is said that grilling yakitori with charcoal is very difficult.
The owner of MOMOFUTA makes this difficult process look easy.
If you want to drink delicious alcohol while enjoying the aroma of grilling smoke, be sure to visit MOMOFUTA.

1-10-9 Kitanagasadori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0012

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