Dried-bonito soup stock

Basic recipes

Dried-bonito soup stock(500ml)

Japanese food value the soup stock.Dried-bonito soup stock is very important in cooking Japanese food.It is often said those who are unskilled at making soup stock are unable to make good Japanese dishes.I cooked Dried-bonito soup stock.It is good.
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  • 2″×2″ kobu seaweed
  • 24g shaved dried-bonito
  • 500ml water

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  1. Wipe a surface dirt of the kobu seaweed with a well wrung-out damp towl.(You must not wash kobu seaweed,because it remove most of the savory extract.)
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  3. Put 500ml water into pot with the kobu seaweed and let it sit for about 1h~2h.The kobu seaweed becomes soft.
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  5. Heat at a medium temperature until it starts to simmer,then take out the kobu seaweed,and turn off the heat.
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  7. Put in the shaved dried-bonito and turn on the heat at a medium temperature again.
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  9. After it starts to boil,decoct for about 20~30seconds.Meanwhile, remove the scum and turn off the heat.
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  11. Filter it through the strainer which laid a paper towel.(Do not squeeze it)
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  13. Put it in a preservation container and can save it for 3-4 days.
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It is important that the making of soup stock cooks it on time.

It is common in Japan to make soup stock with powder.