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Basic recipes Zunda-an Speaking of green, it is an alien, speaking of alian, it is Namekian.It is Japanese foo […]


Basic recipes Dumpling Moon-viewing dumplings, Sakura-viewing dumplings.Japanese people eats a dumpling at the […]

Shiro Dashi(Versatile Dashi Base)

Basic recipes Shiro Dashi(Versatile Dashi Base) Japanese food is culture of the Dashi.The cook piles up many t […]

Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage-

Basic recipes Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage-(1 serving) What will you take as the side dish in your […]

Chicken soup

Basic recipes Chicken soup(1 serving) The chicken soup sold in a supermarket is very delicious.It is sold equa […]

Bamboo shoots boiled in water

Basic recipes Bamboo shoots boiled in water The Bamboo shoots boiled in water is sold when you go to the super […]

How to cook rice

Basic recipes How to cook rice(1 serving) Basics of the Japanese food is to cook rice.The delicious rice attra […]


Basic recipes Ponzu recipe I cooked Ponzu.Ponzu is citrus fresh-containing ponzu soy sauce.In brief, it is sou […]

Udon soup stock Kansai style

Basic recipes Udon soup stock Kansai style(2 serving) This is Udon soup stock Kansai style recipe.Soup stock i […]

Teriyaki sauce

Basic recipes Teriyaki sauce It is a general teriyaki sauce in Japan.Also supermarkets sell teriyaki sauces in […]

Pork bone broth(Tonkotsu soup)

Basic recipes Pork bone broth(Tonkotsu soup) Characterized by its simple but very thick soy sauce type soup ba […]

Vinegared rice

Basic recipes Vinegared rice(1 serving) The taste of the sushi is proportional to the taste of the vinegar ric […]

Festive Red Rice

Basic recipes Festive Red Rice(1 serving) Festive Red Rice is eating at the time of celebration.Though Festive […]

Soup stock from dried baby sardines

Basic recipes Soup stock from dried baby sardines(400ml) The soup stock is basics of the Japanese food.It is o […]

Dried-bonito soup stock

Basic recipes Dried-bonito soup stock(500ml) Japanese food value the soup stock.Dried-bonito soup stock is ver […]