Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage-

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Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage-(1 serving)

What will you take as the side dish in your bento?I take Tako sausage in my bento.Tako sausage is cooked sausage impersonating callus.How to cook is very simple.It can be called the representative of Japanese food.
tako sausage (20)


  • 1 sausage
  • 3 black sesame
  • Salt, as needed

tako sausage (41)


  1. Cut it lengthwise to 1/2 of the sausage.
  2. tako sausage (34)

  3. And turn it 90 degrees and cut it lengthwise to 1/2.
  4. tako sausage (36)

  5. Cuts four legs from inside and makes eight legs.
  6. tako sausage (29)new0

  7. Add salt to boiling hot water and boil sausage.
  8. tako sausage (26)new1

  9. Decorate eyes and a nose with black sesame.But, cannot decorate it well.
  10. tako sausage (25)

  11. With a bamboo skewer, make a hole in the part of eyes and nose.Decorate black sesame there.
  12. tako sausage (21)new2

When you opened the bento box you will grow happy.

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