Basic recipes


Moon-viewing dumplings, Sakura-viewing dumplings.Japanese people eats a dumpling at the turning point of the season.You can eat a dumpling as dessert when you go to the restaurant.Dumpling is food necessary for Japanese food and life.This time, I introduce the basic dumpling recipe.
Dumpling (16)


  • 60 g Glutenous flour
  • 40 g Rice flour
  • 75-80 cc water

Dumpling (3)


  1. Knead the glutenous flour, rice flour while adding luke-warm water until the dough has the consistency of your ear lobe.
  2. Dumpling (9)new0

  3. Divide the dough into 10 pieces and roll into balls.
  4. Dumpling (8)

  5. Put water in a pot and heat.When it starts to boil, add the dumpling(step2).
  6. Dumpling (11)new1

  7. When the dumpling come to the surface, take it out.
  8. Dumpling (14)

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