How to cook rice

Basic recipes

How to cook rice(1 serving)

Basics of the Japanese food is to cook rice.The delicious rice attracts cooking.I cooked rice.It is very delicious.I do not use the special kitchen ware.I cooked rice only with a pot.


  • 180ml rice
  • 180ml water

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  1. Pour water into a bowl and stir it and throw away water quickly.Repeat this three times.
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  3. Pour the rice into a strainer and leave for 30 minutes.This will drain rice.
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  5. Put the rice from step 2 into the pot,add water(ingredients 180ml water). Cover the pot and set it to high heat.
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  7. As soon as the pot reaches a rolling boil,turn the heat to low and cook for 10 minutes.Don’t remove the lid while the rice is cooking.
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  9. Set to high heat for 5 seconds.Remove the pot from the cooker and leave for 13 minutes.
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  11. Scoop the rice,and stir all the rice,making strokes through the rice to separate the grains,Use the wet shamoji(flat rice paddle) then.
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The water should be 1~1.2 times amount of rice.