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Nemacystus decipiens soup

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Nemacystus decipiens soup(4 serving)

Nemacystus decipiens is rich in nutrients.It is popular as a healthy food in Japan.As general how to eat, it is mixed with vinegar and is eaten.It is often served as Hashi-yasume(different-kinds-of tasteful enjoyable dishes) with Japanese food.This time, I cooked the soup using the Nemacystus decipiens.It is one of the general recipes in Japan.
Nemacystus decipiens soup (4)


  • 80g nemacystus decipiens
  • 1/8 leeks(white part)
  • 1 gauze
  • 500ml dried-bonito soup stock→how to cook
  • 1 tsp(5ml) soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp(2.5ml) salt

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  1. Julienne the leeks.Wrap it in the gauze.Rinse and squeeze it well.
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  3. Pour the soup stock in a pot and heat, then add the soy sauce and salt.When it starts to boil, add the nemacystus decipiens and cook.
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  5. Serve on a bowl and top with the leeks.
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Please add vinegar or ginger juice to taste if necessary.

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