Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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The chef

2014/02/24   -Comic

Serially for a long time It is manga published serially for a long time.There are both arguments for …

2014 Manga Award in Japan

2014/01/20   -Comic

This article has nothing to do with the Japanese food, but post it about manga event in Japan.The no …

Tsukiji fish market storekeeperⅢ

2014/01/13   -Comic

You understand Tsukiji in this manga. That place is the most popular famous tourist place.That is Ts …

Bandit diary-Manga Hunter struggle-

2014/01/07   -Comic

Japanese Hunter story I did not know Gibier dish.I knew it only after I read this manga.Gibier is Fr …

Strange foods Hunter

2013/12/23   -Comic

Japanese strange food There is much strange food in the world.There is much strange food in Japan,to …

Nature Dimon

2013/12/16   -Comic

Do you know ostrich club ? It is the manga which the man who loved meat and an insect drew.The man h …


2013/12/02   -Comic

In Japan,Italian restaurant This manga is drawn on the stage of an Italian restaurant.The growth of …

Ramen Saiyuki

2013/11/18   -Comic
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Viva! Ramen. Saiyuki is a newly coined word.I guess that Saiyuki is a meaning to be the trip that it …

That man,having a sweet tooth

2013/11/12   -Comic

The Cool man This manga is that a keen lawyer liking chocolate is a chief character.Lawyer Jean Loui …

Shinya Shokudo

2013/11/04   -Comic

Dining room of certain Tokyo A small restaurant called Shinya Shokudo lies in a corner of Tokyo and …

Hell’s Kitchen

2013/10/22   -Comic

Please don’t be wrong. It is not New York.It is Japanese manga.The name is Hell’s Kitche …

Last restaurant

2013/10/14   -Comic

It is philosophy ! What do you want to eat in the last of the life?It is manga to think about such a …

What did you eat yesterday?

2013/06/13   -Comic

That’s a detail. What did you eat yesterday?I do not ask you a question.”What did you ea …

Shokugeki no Soma

2013/06/03   -Comic

It is crazy. This comic is the story describing activity of chief character Soma Yukihira in on the …


2013/05/06   -Comic

Japanese gourmet bible OISINBO is one of typical comics of Japan.This story features the theme of va …

Space Chef Caisar

2013/04/19   -Comic

Sexy gourmet comics This comic is the story that four sharp beautiful woman monster hunters and a ch …