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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Nissin Iced Cup Noodle

2014/07/09   -Food

Vichyssoise Japan is summer now.It is hot.Speaking of summer, it is cold soup.Speaking of cold soup, …

Japanese food restaurant info 11

2014/06/02   -News

Ramen TARO Ramen TARO is one of the ramen which I like.Creamy soup is perfectly.Speaking of ramen of …

Ramen burger 2

2014/05/20   -Food

Legendary ramen restaurant In Japan, there are a lot of Ramen restaurant that crowded with fans.Ther …

Miso ramen recipe

2014/05/06   -Recipes

Japanese food Miso ramen There is taste of ramen peculiar to each area in Japan.In Kyushu, pork bone …

Art of delicious plastic food

2014/05/02   -Goods

This is Art. The history of Art of delicious plastic food style is not long.It is a beginning that i …

Japanese food weekly vol2

2014/04/19   -News

Sunaba coffee Tottori is the only prefecture where Starbucks coffee does not open a store in Japan.I …

Japanese food weekly vol1

2014/04/12   -News

Stand-up-eating Steak Stand-up-eating Steak is popular in Tokyo.They open 10 stores within this year …

Japanese food restaurant info 3

2014/04/11   -News

Ramen Danjoken I go to this restaurant one times a week.The name is Ramen Danjoken.The best recommen …

Japanese food restaurant info 2

2014/04/11   -News

Ramen Ichiniisan The pork bone broth is stinking.But this smell becomes the habit.Ramen Ichiniisan i …

Japanese food restaurant info 1

2014/04/11   -News

Ramen Tanron It is a ramen shop in Nishimiya-shi, Hyogo.Nishinomiya-shi referred to as a ramen battl …

Ramen Saiyuki

2013/11/18   -Comic
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Viva! Ramen. Saiyuki is a newly coined word.I guess that Saiyuki is a meaning to be the trip that it …

Ramen Hakkenden

2013/08/05   -Comic

The Ramen bible This is not simple Japanese manga.It is a management book beyond the limit of manga. …

Hamberger ramen in Demi-glace sauce

2013/07/03   -Food

Ramen and Hamberger I was troubled with liking Japanese ramen.I think that nothing needs to make suc …

Wao ! Ramen burger

2013/05/23   -Food

ramen= burger ??? Oh,Jesus!!!The Japanese has cooked such a dish at last.This is a dish which let na …

Soy sauce & tonkotsu ramen recipe

2013/05/10   -Recipes

Japanese food Soy sauce & tonkotsu ramen recipe Soy sauce and pork bone broth are Japanese rame …