Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Antique Bakery-manga-

2014/01/27   -Comic

Homosexuality is called “Boys Love” in Japan. Antique bakery is manga popular with women …

Sake lees

2014/01/24   -Diet

The sake lees is good for beauty !? Sakekasu (sake lees) is the solid white substance that remains a …

Haagen-Dazs Japonais

2014/01/23   -Food

Haagen Dazs is refined. Haagen Dazs is a high quality ice cream brand sold in the world.In Japan too …

Sake lees soup recipe

2014/01/22   -Recipes

Japanese food Soup recipes This is recipes of sake lees soup.Sakekasu (sake lees) is the solid white …

2014 Manga Award in Japan

2014/01/20   -Comic

This article has nothing to do with the Japanese food, but post it about manga event in Japan.The no …

Tokkuri Japanese sake

2014/01/17   -Goods

A taste doubles if you drink liquor with Tokkuri Tokkuri is a Japanese decanter.When I pour it, Tokk …

Green juice

2014/01/16   -Diet

That green juice will save the world !? The green juice is the juice which squeezed green leaf veget …

Beef boiled in sweetened soy sauce recipe

2014/01/15   -Recipes

Meat recipes Speaking of beef, it is slice meat in Japan.Slice meat are sold at the supermarket.The …

Devil mayonnaise yakisoba

2014/01/14   -Food

Yakisoba is devil ??? Japanese likes yakisoba very much and likes mayonnaise, too.The Japanese mayon …

Tsukiji fish market storekeeperⅢ

2014/01/13   -Comic

You understand Tsukiji in this manga. That place is the most popular famous tourist place.That is Ts …

Brown rice

2014/01/10   -Diet

Brown rice is raging in Japan !? The Japanese has the case which changes the staple food to the brow …

KFC menu? KFC potatochips

2014/01/09   -Food

Is it KFC menu ? KFC runs 18000 shops in 120 countries in the world.It runs 1180 shops in Japan.Chri …

Potato salad recipe

2014/01/08   -Recipes

Japanese food Vegetable recipes It is a Japanese potato salad recipe.There is a potato salad in the …

Bandit diary-Manga Hunter struggle-

2014/01/07   -Comic

Japanese Hunter story I did not know Gibier dish.I knew it only after I read this manga.Gibier is Fr …

Umeboshi diet food

2014/01/03   -Diet

Do you know Umeboshi? Umeboshi from Wakayama are particularly well known.An “umeboshi” i …

Red snapper sandwiched between sheets of kelp recipe

2014/01/01   -Recipes

Japanese food Fish recipes The sashimi is easy to rot very much.There is a cooking method to keep fr …

Cup Yakisoba

2013/12/31   -Food

If the Japanese do not eat yakisoba,they dies !? The Japanese likes noodles.Ramen,Yakisoba,Udon,Soba …

Chabashira club

2013/12/30   -Comic

If you want to know the Japanese green tea ! If you read this manga, you will get to know more about …

Wooden container for cooked rice

2013/12/27   -Goods

The container which become delicious when you save it. The Japanese rice cooker is splendid.It is mu …

Orange rice ball recipe

2013/12/25   -Recipes

Japanese food Rice dish recipes Japanese loves rice balls.The rice ball is called Onigiri.They put v …

Cup noodles rice

2013/12/24   -Food

Viva !!! Cup noodle. Nissin Cup noodles which was released approximately 40 years ago.It is sold in …

Strange foods Hunter

2013/12/23   -Comic

Japanese strange food There is much strange food in the world.There is much strange food in Japan,to …

Edamame nutrition

2013/12/20   -Diet

Delicious EDAMAME ! Do you know Edamame? Edamame is soybeans.It is eaten in Japan from the about 8 c …

Persimmon recipes

2013/12/19   -Recipes

Persimmon recipes Do you know Persimmon ? It is Japanese original fruit.I cooked the representative …

Freeze dried food

2013/12/18   -Diet

The ultimate diet food which a priest eats Speaking of Freeze dried food,there is much fruit.Strawbe …