Healthy recipes -Japanese food-

Macaroni KINAKO(Soybean flour)

Healthy recipes Macaroni KINAKO(Soybean flour) A Japanese likes Italy.We like Italian food in particular.You c […]

Shirataki and salted cod roe

Healthy recipes Shirataki and salted cod roe Shrataki is waterfalls that resemble white thread.And it is Noodl […]


Healthy recipes Shiraae There is the thought called One soup three dishes in Japan.”One soup three dishe […]

Egg drop with freeze dried tofu and green peas

Healthy recipes Egg drop with freeze dried tofu and green peas Freeze dried tofu(Japanese name:Koya tofu) is a […]

Stewed black beans

Healthy recipes Stewed black beans Black beans is called “Kuromame” in Japan.Because black is effe […]

Yamagata Tama Konjac

Healthy recipes Yamagata Tama Konjac You should certainly go to Yamagata if you come to Japan and eat really d […]

Tofu teriyaki with mayonnaise

Healthy recipes Tofu teriyaki with mayonnaise The tofu is healthy food.It is food used frequently with the Jap […]

Thunder tofu

Healthy recipes Thunder tofu I cooked ‘Thunder Tofu’.It is traditional Japanese food.The origin of […]

Tofu dumplings

Healthy recipes Tofu dumplings This is Tofu recipes.Tofu is healthy.This recipe is healthy.I cooked Tofu dumpl […]

Mock broiled eel

Healthy recipes Mock broiled eel This is macrobiotic food.I cooked the broiled eel by tofu.It was originally m […]

Tofu dengaku

Healthy recipes Tofu dengaku(2 serving) It is tofu that is coated with miso and baked named ‘Tofu dengak […]

Deep fried tofu -Japanese food-

Healthy dish recipes -Japanese food- Deep fried tofu The tofu is very healthy.Deep fried tofu is a dish of tof […]

Persimmon and apple dressed in miso and mayonnaise

Healthy recipes Persimmon and apple dressed in miso and mayonnaise(1 serving) It is the dish which cooked a pe […]

Tofu and Beef

Healthy recipes Tofu and Beef(2 serving) This page is Healty recipes.It is Tofu and Beef.It is the dish which […]

Fried tofu(aburaage)

Healthy recipes Fried tofu-aburaage-(2 piece) Fried tofu(aburaage) is a food consisting of sliced tofu (bean c […]

Japanese mapo tofu

Healthy recipes Japanese mapo tofu(2 serving) This mapo tofu is not hot, even a child can eat it.I cooked even […]