Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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2015/02/26   -Goods

Yakult and me When my daughter catches cold, I give her Yakult.Why?It is because there was our famil …


2015/02/05   -Diet

About Chazuke Do you know Chazuke.Chazuke is a food dish comprised of boiled rice and tea.It is a si …

Soy milk miso soup recipe

2015/02/04   -Recipes

Soy milk miso soup recipe In recent years, cuisine incorporating soymilk called ‘tonyu nabe&#8 …


2015/01/29   -Diet

Necessary ingredients for Japanese food Yaki-fu is Japanese dry baked wheat gluten.In the 13 centry, …

Egg drop with freeze dried tofu and green peas recipe

2015/01/28   -Recipes

Egg drop with freeze dried tofu and green peas recipe Freeze dried tofu is a food made of preserved …


2015/01/23   -Diet

About zousui Zosui is made by simmering cooked rice again with meat, fish and shellfish, mushroom an …

Sukiyaki (Chicken) recipe

2015/01/07   -Recipes

Sukiyaki (Chicken) recipe Sukiyaki is one of the typical hot pot dishes of Japan.Sukiyaki is Japanes …


2015/01/01   -Diet

Japanese soul drink Calpis is not cow piss.Calpis may be called “Calpico” in your countr …

Grated Japanese radish

2014/12/26   -Diet

Diet food Japanese radish contains large amount of digestive enzymes such as amylase, protease and l …

Natto soup recipe

2014/12/17   -Recipes

Natto soup recipe Have you ever eaten natto before?”Natto” smells awful but tastes terri …

Stewed black beans recipe

2014/12/11   -Recipes

Stewed black beans recipe The black beans is regarded as an amulet or a charm against bad luck.There …

Soft roe

2014/12/05   -Diet

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom I’m a movie fan.One of the favorite movies is Indiana Jon …

Yamakake soba recipe

2014/12/03   -Recipes

Yamakake soba recipe The Japanese is dirty from old days.I think that the cause is because we eat a …

Tofu skin

2014/11/27   -Diet

Tofu skin recipe I did not know this food until I became an adult.It is Tofu skin.Tofu skin is food …

Yakult to eat

2014/11/25   -Food

Yakult kid When I was young, my tension went up whenever I drink Calpco and Yakult.Because we was ab …

Yaki-imo -baked sweet potatoes-

2014/11/21   -Diet

Japanese seoul food It is very popular sweets in Japan.It is Yaki-imo.Yaki-imo is baked sweet potato …

Persimmon potage soup recipe

2014/11/04   -Recipes

Persimmon potage soup recipe Persimmons is a fruit representing Japan.Persimmons are rich in vitamin …


2014/10/30   -Diet

Yuzu is round. As for Yuzu, winter is in season.Yuzu is the seasoning which is indispensable to Japa …

Yamagata Tama Konjac recipe

2014/10/29   -Recipes

Yamagata Tama Konjac recipe You should go to Hokkaido, Yamagata, Fukuoka if you come to Japan.Origin …

Myoga -Japanese ginger-

2014/10/23   -Diet

Foolish legend “We become foolish if we eat Myoga(Japanese ginger).”It is a legend to co …

Japanese Champon recipe

2014/10/22   -Recipes

Japanese Champon Ramen is the food which is popular in the world.There is the noodles food which is …

German potato salad recipe by Japanese snack

2014/10/14   -Recipes

German potato salad by Japanese snack video Do you know Jagariko?It is snacks popular in Japan.I eat …

Dried persimmon

2014/10/07   -Diet

Grandmas wisdom When I caught cold, grandmother fed me this.Then a cough stopped, and I recovered fr …


2014/10/01   -Diet

Japanese yogurt The yogurt is a fermented milk food that mixed a lactic acid bacterium and yeast wit …

Condom cookbook which is popular in Japan

2014/09/25   -News

Condom? Cooking? It is Condom cookbook which is popular in Japan now.I think that it is very wonderf …